Viz vests and sundances

So I’m all prepared for the fieldwork with the Ironbridge Archaeology Volunteer Group on Sunday morning. We’re going to be ground truthing around the Bedlam Furnace Transept as we’ve got hold of several historic maps, aerial photos and even a bit of LiDAR, which I’ve been going through the last two days with a couple of volunteers in order to identify some points of interest. I’ve got all the equipment we need including the all important viz vest (its very important that we conduct the fieldwork safely and being seen is crucial to doing that), I’ve sorted the risk assessment and importantly arranged the time and place to meet the volunteers. All we need now is to make sure the weather is good…if I have to I’ll be doning my gear and doing a little sundance to keep the gods happy and let us remain warm and dry for the morning. I’ll report back next week with how we get on…exciting!


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