IAVG Fieldwork in the Sunshine

At 10am on Sunday morning we met at Jackfield Tile Museum to go out with the LiDAR and historic map images to go and groundtruth the are around Bedlam Furnaces on the north bank of the River Severn. There were 7 of us in total and we started the morning with a trip into the ‘Stream’ exhibition (see Stream) as Viviana was going to give a short talk on the process she went through in using the groups photos from the last day of fieldwork in March to create this part of the exhibition. After this, we put on our walking boots and high viz gear and went to explore. The first anomaly was a large circular blackspot which on closer inspection turned out to be a laurel tree, however from then on we did identify so archaeology with a gully which would appear to have been a trackway, and possible evidence of the old wharf down by the river bank. We even ended up being taken to look at some features in a gentleman’s garden, which was very kind of him to grant us access. All in all it was a good few hours of work, and we look forward to going back and doing a bit more survey once the undergrowth starts to die down in ther Autumn.


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