My Favourite Pictures: The Great Iron Bridge (1779)

Brilliant to see others appreciating the wonder of the Iron Bridge. Its an amazing feat of engineering and a very special part of the heritage of the Severn Gorge and Shropshire.

Francis Pryor - In the Long Run

I’ve been a very keen photographer all my life, starting as a child with a box Brownie, then moving on to a large Ilford, which I can remember taking to the Farnborough Air Show several years running. Later I acquired other cameras, usually 120 or 35mm format, which I sometimes lost on digs, or in pub car parks. It wasn’t until I started working for the Royal Ontario Museum in 1969 that I started to cherish the cameras I was given, starting, in 1970 with a superb Nikon F, with a detachable photomic head (for any camera nerds who might be reading). I loved that camera dearly: it was easy to use and very durable; several times I left it on the Land-Rover wing and drove off – I even got to recognise the sound of it hitting the loose gravel in the excavation car park. On those early digs…

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