Barbaric Fiends or Heroic Warriors?

Tomorrow night will see us launch the Ironbridge Archaeology Seminar Series at IGMT. I volunteered to do the talk for the first one which will discuss my current PhD research on the nature of warfare in medieval Wales. Without giving too much away, I will be looking to discuss the differences in the pictures of warfare in medieval Wales that are presented from a range of sources including historical, literature, art and artefactual assembleges. These images will then be compared, contrasted and finally a clearer picture of the nature of warfare in medieval Wales will be established. Or at least that’s what I hope to do. I’ve got the powerpoint written, with lots of pictures to go with, so all I need now is the audience and everybody is invited to attend.

After tomorrow’s launch we will be holding seminars every other month with talks on subjects which include technology in the country house (August), recent excavations at Ditherington Flax Mill (October), excavtions at Studmarsh deserted medieval village (December), Thomas Newcommen and the Newcommen Engine (February) and Wroxeter Roman City (April). There are also a number of other subjects planned for later in 2014. Jointly organised between IGMT and IAVG, we hope that the series will offer something for everyone, and if there is a particular subject, or speaker, that you think would be a suitable addition to the programme please let us know.



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