Tile Moulds – An update

Just thought as I haven’t made any posts about our activities on Volunteer Wednesdays for a while, that I’d write a little update. We’re still working away recording the Craven Dunnill tile moulds, and as of this morning I think we’ve now recorded over 220 moulds which is great work. Its a slow process, especiialyy the sketching of some of the more intricate designs. But really great fun! We even think we’ve identified where some of the tiles made from these moulds ended up. One particular design has been found in St Michael’s Church, Conwy. DSCF1187P1020882 We’ve still got quite a long way to go but it really is exciting to see so many different designs that until now we didn’t know anything about.

We have a week off the tile moulds next week. As part of the Festival of Archaeology we’re running a drop in session with the Caughley China Society. So if you fancy coming down to Coalport China Museum next wednesday, pop in and have a go at recording some of the Caughley shards held in the museum collections. Everyone is welcome.


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