Wanted: An extra 24 hours in a day!

Well, what a couple of months I’ve had. After the Festival of Archaeology finished in July I thought I’d have more time on my hands – how wrong I have been! With volunteer excavations (post to follow soon), watching briefs, Portable Antiquity Scheme training, the Quaker burial ground project (again post will in more detail soon) and volunteer wednesday’s I’ve been so busy I’ve woken up today and realised it’s October and I’m half way through my placement – heck!

I am hoping things will start to settle down a bit now with the onset of autumn and the weather that goes with it, but what a wonderful 6 months I’ve had so far. I’ve been able to meet a variety of people, all of which have a passion for our past, I worked on a real range of projects including excavations, outreach, public events such as walks, talks and the occasional workshop, and working with the wonderful volunteers from Ironbridge, who without them my days would certainly have been a lot duller.

I’m also hoping that the next 6 months will be just as jam packed. We’ve got more talks and workshops planned, hopefully further fieldwork and excavation on a range of sites, and some other interesting projects too. Plus there are all those things I haven’t yet thought of but will no doubt come to fruition once I’ve had time to think.

All I need now is a few more hours in the day so I can finish a PhD thesis as well…no rest for the wicked I suppose…


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