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Tile Moulds – An update

Just thought as I haven’t made any posts about our activities on Volunteer Wednesdays for a while, that I’d write a little update. We’re still working away recording the Craven Dunnill tile moulds, and as of this morning I think we’ve now recorded over 220 moulds which is great work. Its a slow process, especiialyy the sketching of some of the more intricate designs. But really great fun! We even think we’ve identified where some of the tiles made from these moulds ended up. One particular design┬áhas been found in St Michael’s Church, Conwy. DSCF1187P1020882 We’ve still got quite a long way to go but it really is exciting to see so many different designs that until now we didn’t know anything about.

We have a week off the tile moulds next week. As part of the Festival of Archaeology we’re running a drop in session with the Caughley China Society. So if you fancy coming down to Coalport China Museum next wednesday, pop in and have a go at recording some of the Caughley shards held in the museum collections. Everyone is welcome.


Volunteer Wednesday – The return of the tile moulds

20130605_110642So after spending last Wednesday morning carefully packing up all the moulds at Jackfield to bring to Coalbrookdale, members of20130605_110706 IAVG actually managed to make a start on the mammouth task that is recording these beautiful and fascinating objects. There must literally be thousands of fragments to record but we’ve made a good start today with over 50 examples now having been recorded and photographed. There were also some really nice examples including this stunning celtic knot design. DSCF1187 All the information has also been entered into an excel spreadsheet as well so that we’ll have both a paper and digital copy that with then be put together to form the catalogue towards the end of the project. It’s going to be a long project but I can’t wait to see the different patterns and forms of decoration that are on these moulds along the way.

New IAVG Project – Craven Dunnill Tile Moulds

We’ve had a busy morning so far today as half a dozen volunteers and myself started to pack up a rather large collection of tile moulds from the Craven Dunnill tile works that were excavated during renovations to the Jackfield Tile Museum back in 2004. These moulds, which we’ve now packed up very carefully, are going to be transported to Coalbrookdale so that we can start to record and catalogue the various designs over the next couple of months. There are some really interesting designs and it will be a great chance for the volunteers to learn about finds recording and photographing, creating a catalogue, illustration and eventually putting together a short article on their findings that we could look to get published. Its really exciting and I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

IAVG Fieldwork in the Sunshine

At 10am on Sunday morning we met at Jackfield Tile Museum to go out with the LiDAR and historic map images to go and groundtruth the are around Bedlam Furnaces on the north bank of the River Severn. There were 7 of us in total and we started the morning with a trip into the ‘Stream’ exhibition (see Stream) as Viviana was going to give a short talk on the process she went through in using the groups photos from the last day of fieldwork in March to create this part of the exhibition. After this, we put on our walking boots and high viz gear and went to explore. The first anomaly was a large circular blackspot which on closer inspection turned out to be a laurel tree, however from then on we did identify so archaeology with a gully which would appear to have been a trackway, and possible evidence of the old wharf down by the river bank. We even ended up being taken to look at some features in a gentleman’s garden, which was very kind of him to grant us access. All in all it was a good few hours of work, and we look forward to going back and doing a bit more survey once the undergrowth starts to die down in ther Autumn.