Community Archaeology Events 2013

Below is a list of community archaeology events that are planned over the coming months. For further information please visit and visit the what’s on page.

Autumn Programme

Tuesday 1st October @ 6pm – Ironbridge Archaeology Seminar Series

Simon Jeffrey ‘The Wash House Blues – A Community Excavation at Ditherington Flax Mill’

Earlier this year the Friends of the Flaxmill Maltings organised a volunteer/community dig on the site of a group of outbuildings, including a wash house and stables, adjacent to Ditherington Flaxmill, Shrewsbury. Simon Jeffrey was one of the volunteer archaeologists who took part, and in this seminar he will recount his experiences excavating in the shadow of one of the most important historic buildings in the world. Simon will also show a video that he made of the excavations as the volunteers uncovered evidence for structures which were important in the day to day running of the factory.

Saturday 26th October (10am – 3pm) – Archaeological Workshop 

Shane Kelleher – Historic Building Recording

Have you ever looked at a historic building and wondered about when it was built, who built it, how it was built, and how and why it was changed and altered over the years? This workshop, which will be an introduction to the methodologies and analytical techniques used in historic building recording, should help you answer some or all of these questions. It will include practical sessions on photographing, drawing and ‘reading’ historic buildings. In addition, an introduction will be given to researching building histories, tools and equipment and visual analysis.

This workshop is aimed at introducing those involved in community archaeology groups/projects (and anybody else with an interest) to the methods and techniques utilised in historic building recording.

Run by Shane Kelleher, Archaeology and Monuments Officer at the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust, who previously worked as a historic buildings specialist at the University of Birmingham. This workshop would be a worthwhile exercise for anyone interested in learning more about the techniques and methods involved in recording and understanding historic buildings.

For further information, or to book your place on the course, please contact Sam Colclough, IGMT Community Archaeology Training Placement by Tuesday 22nd October.

Tuesday 3rd December @ 6pm – Ironbridge Archaeology Seminar Series

 Ian Bapty ‘Community Archaeology Excavation at Studmarsh Deserted Medieval Village’


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